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Just minutes away from the city of Santiago, a great mountain keeps an infinity of gifts to see and discover. Eternals snows, colorful mountains and rocks, valleys and glaciers, condors, fossils, pure skies and the most intimate contact with the Andean nature, all form part of the setting that awaits those who enter this world.

In AndesTerrae, we are aware of how underappreciated and unknown is our mountain range, even by most inhabitants of Santiago; therefore if you find yourself in Chile's capital, we would like to give you the chance to enjoy this gratifying experience of feeling in touch with the great mountains and their wonderful surroundings.



We offer 14 guided treks in hills and valleys of the Andes and Coastal Range, near Santiago, which we selected exclusively.


The Coastal Range is surprisingly rich in flora and fauna, with its leafy forests. The Andes Range is majestic and captivating, home of rocks, snows, and eternal ice from which waters are born that fall to the Pacific. AndesTerrae invites you to enjoy the many attractions that the mountain has to offer.



In AndesTerrae we also offer treks to places other than those listed on this webpage, and also to the same places but in a different way than that as they are described. An important characteristic that distinguishes us is our flexibility. The programs that we offer are not strict and we can adapt them according to your requirements and interests.

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